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To activate the TRIAL of our apps, you need to have a commercial Bitrix24 account or get the 15 days trial of the platform on the FREE plan.

Chat Booster app

Scale every part of your business
with the best chatbot for Bitrix24.

To activate the TRIAL of our apps, you need to have a commercial Bitrix24 account or get the 30 days trial of the platform on the FREE plan.

Your sales team always ready to sell

Be available every day and all night

Your bot will always be online to sell even outside office hours or your sales team are busy.

Qualify leads and grow your pipeline

Pre-qualify leads automatically and send to your sales representative only opportunities that are almost ready to buy your products and services. 

Have an omini-channel bot experience

Chat Booster works with WhatsApp, Facebook Messengers, live chat and almost all channels available on Bitrix24’s Contact Center.

Register new leads on Bitrix24.CRM

Is it a new contact? That’s ok! Chat Booster can identify and create new contacts with all the important information that you need to sell.

Provide high-quality and personalized conversation flows to speed up customers resolutions and scale every part of your business.

One Bitrix24 chatbot to every step of the customer journey


Say goodbye to forms! Capture new leads and deliver good content with a chatbot in your website, landing pages, Facebook Messenger and more!


Qualify automatically all leads that arrive and delivery to the sales team only opportunities that are really prepare to buy from your company.


Time is money! Give only real opportunities to the representatives sales team and put all information on Bitrix24.CRM that they need to make more money.

Customer Support

Your clients will be able to solve almost any questions themselves. Design smart flows with your helpdesk to scale up your support team.

Scale your support with Chat Booster today

Turn your FAQ into a bot conversation

Select the frequent questions of your clients and turn into chatbot flows to scale up your support team.

Delivery the conversation to the right person

Chat Booster can identify your clients needs and send them to the right person of the support team.

Be there when they need you!

Some clients can’t wait! Solve their problems even when your support team is not available.

Identify service levels automatically

Is it a basic or really tough question? Chat Booster can understand your clients needs, choose the right option and create a queue for your support team.

Reproduzir vídeo

Watch the video to learn more about Chat Booster

Watch the video and find out how to turn your service contact much more smarter and faster. Start your 7-day free trial NOW!


Prove Chat Booster's ROI

You can identify Chat Booster performance with Contact Center reports, just like you do with your sales team. It’s super easy and fast to prove the return over investment of the app.

WhatsApp for Bitrix24

Chat Booster + API WhatsApp Integration are the perfect team to sell 24/7 on WhatsApp!

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Important: To take the free trial of Chat Booster, you need to activate your account* in the demo version.

* This action must be done if you have a Bitrix24 account in the free version or do not yet have a license. Find out more here.

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Do this only if your Bitrix24 account is FREE. Since 01/01/21 the platform has limited the apps installation to users of commercial plans.

Click here to know more about this new rule or create a Bitrix24 account to activate the 15 days free.