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To activate the TRIAL of our apps, you need to have a commercial Bitrix24 account or get the 15 days trial of the platform on the FREE plan.

WhatsApp for Bitrix24 CRM and Contact Center

Increase your sales, send automated messages and connect your WhatsApp
to Bitrix24.CRM!

For productive companies

Speed up your negotiations and
sales more with API WhatsApp!

Keep the messages history on CRM

All the conversations are saved on Bitrix24.CRM automatically. Go to the contact timeline and find every message that was sent and received! It’s super useful to track the negotiations. 

Centralize WhatsApp Messages on Bitrix24’s Contact Center

Talk with your customers using the Contact Center interface, including all benefits of it: transfer chats to another agent, added to the queues and more.

Centralize WhatsApp Messages on Bitrix24’s Contact Center

Talk with your customers using the Contact Center interface, including all benefits of it: transfer chats to another agent, added to the queues and more.

Use two or more WhatsApp numbers to send your messages

Send up to 20.000 messages per month using two or more WhatsApp numbers or customize your plan to over 20.000 messages per month. You choose your plan!

With only one phone number all your team can send up to 20.000 messages by month. Do you need more? It's just fine! Get a customize plan to have more numbers or messages!

Calculate your investment

Choose one plan or customize it!

Monthly Plan

Up to 20.000 messages*

Start at


billed monthly

Annual Plan

Up to 20.000 messages*

Start at

Por $290/yr

billed yearly

Customize your plan!

Send more than 20.000/month with a plan made exclusively for your company.


* The 20,000 messages per month it is perfect to 90% of our customers.

Keep the customer relationship more close with WhatsApp messages!

Send automated payments reminders

Send automated messages to remind customers of the payments with personalized texts. Impossible to not notice it!

Contact far behond old emails

Your customers are always with the smartphone around. Use WhatsApp to increase the customer relationship and retention.

API WhatsApp Integration is all around the world

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Know other benefits of API WhatsApp for Bitrix24

Watch the video and find out how to speed up your companies contact or begin the free trial right now.

What API WhatsApp clients

Jeremiah Mendes
Jeremiah MendesSales Manager of Rufus Latinamerica
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"With API WhatsApp for Bitrix24 we get more than 4x contacts and 2x more sales using WhatsApp. Now we are capable of measuring and making fast decisions thanks to the app! Beyond that, now we close more sales above US$10.000 and the app just goes better and better."
Diego Mendes
Diego MendesCEO of Fusion Soluções Jurídicas
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"The results are so good! After the leads start our software trial, we send in a few seconds a message to introduce the sales representative to them. The relationship customers at this stage are so fantastic thanks to the app!"

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Install the API WhatsApp Integration in your Bitrix24;

2) Choose a plan to continue use the app after que trial finished;

3) Choose an WhatsApp integration service: Twilio, MessageBird, Utalk, Mercury or Winzap.

4) Copy and paste the integration service token to API WhatsApp Integration;

5) Add an WhatsApp number in integration service to begin;

6) Set up an Open Channel using the WhatsApp number and integration service token;

7) Start using WhatsApp fully integrated with your Bitrix24 account and increase your results!

The connector is an Bitrix24 app developed by our company that permits sending messages using the Bitrix24.CRM and receiving messages through the Contact Center. Besides that, you will have a dashboard to track your results and many other features to level up your WhatsApp strategy.

An integration service permits you to send and receive WhatsApp messages using Bitrix24. They can be official and approved by Facebook Inc., (Twilio or MessageBird) or an alternative service provider (Utalk, Winzap or Mercury). You need to choose a monthly plan to use and each one has different benefits. Visit the websites and evaluate the best option for your company.

Yes. Our connector app is paid monthly or yearly. Consult the values on this page or request a personalized plan.

Yes. You need to choose an WhatsApp Integration (Twilio, MessageBird, Winzad, Utalk ou Mercury), make your registration and pay a monthly price to receive and send messages. Each integration has a different price and limit of messages that can be sent monthly, so it is important to pay attention when you hire the integration service.

Yes. It depends how you send the WhatsApp messages. Usually that can happen when you send messages in mass. So avoid sending spam to your contact base. It is important to remember that it is a service term of WhatsApp itself.

Yes. Our team is prepared to help you to use the app and achieve results with it. Yet, we are not responsible for integration services (Twilio, Utalk, etc) and problems that eventually can happen.

Important: To take the free trial of API WhatsApp Integration, you need to activate your account* in the demo version.

* This action must be done if you have a Bitrix24 account in the free version or do not yet have a license. Find out more here.

In addition of API WhatsApp you need to have
some of the services below:

Please, check the benefits of each integration service as well as prices before sign up API WhatsApp Integration.

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